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6 Best Ways To Lose Weight

6 best ways to lose weight
Written by Inguin Team

Today fitness has more value than money and a correct body weight is the first step to protect you from diseases that are caused due to overweight. It can’t be ignored because overweight causes coronary heart diseases, high blood pressure, respiratory diseases etc.

Every human being has the different body type, body weight, age, stamina etc. So it is hard to make rules that will work for all. On the basis of common characteristics shared by humans, we are describing the 6 best possible ways for everyone to lose weight.

Best Way 1:-

Lose out more calories per day than the calories you take in. To follow this, start drinking water a half an hour before your meals. Eat high protein rich meals. Avoid sugary drinks. It is better to start cycling or brisk walking instead of driving for short distances. Use stairs instead of lifts. Try some outdoor games with friends and family.


Best Way 2:-


Aerobic Excercise

Pic shows different aerobic styles of exercise

Doing Aerobics is trending among people now a day. There are several aerobic classes mushrooming too in the cities. These give good result too. It not only reduces the weight but also increases body stamina, vitality, strength, and confidence.

It refers to the utilization of oxygen to adequately meet up with the energy demands during physical exercise. Aerobics does not include weight lifting. It includes rapid exercises that make you sweat, causes you to breathe more and harder, gets you heart beating faster than at rest. It strengthens your lungs, heart and cardiovascular system. It improves sleep, reduces body fat, tension, anxiety,  and depression, heart risks.


Best Way 3:-

Calorific Food

Pic shows different calorie food intake

It really needs a great will power to control your hunger. If you control your hunger throughout the day and eat cake at the end of the day, it washes away your whole day deed. It is not suggested to eat less. Eat properly but eat less-calories food.

You can consult your to a nutrician and dietician. After a health check up you can get your meal chart. Eating salmon, berries, broccoli, almonds and kale really helps you to keep fit. Use of green tea, lemon water, fiber-riched fruits, egg-white should be included into the diet.

Hunger may causes you give up your plans. So, instead of eating less food, have balance diet without and starches (crabs) that will lower your insulin level, kill your appetite and you lose weight without hunger.

Use of ginger, cinnamon, and honey in the green tea along with warm water pushes you on this track.


Best Way 4:-

Losing weight is not an instant process. You need to get stick to your plans and changes will appear slowly.

You can get a friend with you while exercises. Playing some team games like football, basketball also keep you engage in this cycle of reducing weight. It provides you baby aim of winning matches that converts into your main aim of reducing weight. Socially aspects of your plans build you more confident. So try to have trainer, friend along with you while doing exercise. To make your track more interesting you can also join trekking camps, cycling camps etc.  Too

Only thing you need to follow is regularity. If you are stick to your plans, you will feel the differences appear in you which cause more confidence in you.


Best Way 5:-

If you consumes less food at a time but eat more often a day, it helps your digestive system to absorb better of the nutrients present in your food.

Burn out more calories, eat fewer calories, eat less at a time, and eat protein and fibre more instead of fat. Remember to have a heavy breakfast but very light dinner. Eat on time. Eat breakfast within 3 hours after you wake up. Exercise or diet alone may not be able to create results that are your desire. Among exercise and diet, both are necessary to follow to lose weight.

Best Way 6:-

Keep a diary in order to note what you are eating. Studies have shown that those persons who keep a record of what calorie intake they are taking will help them to reduce weight as it gives them motivation and will cerntainly help them to take less food as compared to others.

Lastly I will say, plan is nothing but planning is everything. Don’t just read it out and make plans longer and longer. Go out and just do it.

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