Top 27 Bad Food Combinations That You Should Never Eat!!!

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There are many persons who are blessed with natural digestive system which could sustain any food combination they eat. But the quantity of such persons are very less. I believe you are not among them. On the other hand, there are persons whose digestive system is weak and they always suffer from stomach problems throughout their life. If you are one among them then I am sure you must be taking bad food combinations that you should never eat?

Bad food combinations that you should never eat!!!

If you really want to lead a healthy life without having stomach problem such as acidity, burping, heartburn, stomach pain, gas, bloating after every meal etc. Then you should stop all given below food combinations that is affecting your healthy life.

#Note: Good Food Combination Will Solve 99% Of Health Issues in Life.

Food Combination

Is it a good food combo ?

The following list will show you all bad food combinations that you should always avoid.

  1. Milk and Chocolate: It sounds and smells sweet isn’t it. But do you know it is not good for health as it causes digestive problem, heart and blood related problems. It causes you diarrhoea. Milk contains calcium and chocolate contains oxalic acid. The combination of both forms calcium salt of oxalic acid (CaC2O4) which can cause stone.
  2. Fruit and Meal (Grain, Meats, dried products): Fruits contain fibre and lot of vitamins. It is good for health but it digests quickly in stomach and then absorbed in intestine. But, when fruits combine with meals it causes fermentation in stomach which causes digestive problems like intestinal wall thickening or causes hernia. Fruits should always be eaten before or after 45 minutes of your meal time.
  3. Fruit and Yogurt: Yogurt is considered very healthy breakfast snack which contains calcium, vitamin B, Potassium, zinc, natural sugar etc. But, when it is taken with fruit it increases the level of sugar in your body and produce many toxins. It also causes problems like sinus and constipation.
  4. Milk and Curd: Do you think you can eat both at the same time. If yes, then you must face consequences as both are opposite in nature and can upset your stomach.
  5. Meat and Potatoes: It is a very common meal for Non Vegetarians and having a combination of both will cause ulcer if taken every day. It is very difficult to digest this combination which takes a lot of time to digest this food. Eat it, but always in less amount.
  6. Curd and Spinach: As discussed milk and chocolate forms oxalic acid in the same way spinach and curd also forms CaC2O4 which caused urinary and kidney stone problems.
  7. Beef and chestnut: Chestnuts also known as edible nuts are rich source of vitamin C and when mixed with beef and taken together will cause dyspepsia.
  8. Milk and Banana: This combination is common in juice shops but it must be avoided. The health experts will always suggest you not to take this combo as it is very heavy meal and stomach takes a lot of time to digest Milk banana shake. It makes your mind stressful.
  9. Onion and Tofu: As already discussed above what oxalic acid can do to your body. In the same way if you take onion and tofu together it will cause digestive problems and stones in the body.
  10. Watermelon and Mutton: Watermelon is a summer fruit as it is cold while mutton is hot. So, when you mix a combination of hot and cold then you have to go to doctor to take medicines as it will upset your abdomen.
  11. Curd and Fish: Curd and fish causes skin allergy and hence we should avoid it.
  12. Milk and Onion: As discusses above about skin allergy. The same will happen if you take milk and onion together.
  13. Lemon and Milk: If you add citric acid to milk containing calcium what will happen. It will make your stomach more acidic. It won’t cause you much problem but sometimes results in skin infection.
  14. Alcohol and Soda: Alcohol causes dehydration in the body and soda increases its effect. Hence both these drinks must be avoided when taken together.
  15. Garlic and Chicken: Garlic and chicken does not add nutrional value to your body and must be avoided.
  16. Banana and Pudding: It increases the amount of toxin in the body and it’s very difficult for stomach to digest it.
  17. Orange and Carrot: If you mix both the fruits then it will damage your urinary system and causes heart related problems.
  18. Red Wine and Soybeans: Red Wine Contains tannins which mix with plants like soybeans will make it hard for your body to absorb minerals. Hence, it should be avoided.
  19. Muffins and Juice: A form of breakfast which adds more calories to your body without giving you any nutritional value is of no use. It adds extra grumpiness and stress to your body.
  20. Fish and yogurt: Both these food items when taken together causes excessive protein and fat in the body.
  21. Lime and Cough Medicine: If you take Lime which contains vitamin C and Cough Medicine which includes syrup then it should be avoided as it causes toxic overdose in abdomen.
  22. Tomato and carbohydrate: Tomato is a fruit and contains carbs, when you take both it increases the level of sugar in your body and causes diabetes. Hence, it should be avoided.
  23. Cereals and Milk: It’s quite shocking when I heard this combination is not good from a doctor. But, both these ingredients contain carbohydrates which will make your mind stressful and will increase blood sugar in your body.
  24. Dessert and Alcohol: Alcohol increases the amount of insulin in your body and once you take dessert with it, it will increase the amount of sugar in your body that will be stored as fat and that will lead to increase in weight.
  25. Fries and Burger: This is the most famous combination meal that everyone would have tried in MacDonald’s, but do you know it contain too much fat and fries contain sugar increase in the growth factor that includes aging.
  26. Beans and Cheese: If you are taking both together it will cause gas in stomach.
  27. Egg and Cheese: This combination looks delicious and will entice everyone to eat it. But, the stomach takes lot of time to digest this food combination. Hence, it should be eaten but not regularly. It creates indigestion problem.

The list will go on and on but, it is you who has to decide whether to continue with these food combinations or not. It is difficult to survive without these delicious combination of food items but in order to lead a healthy life you must avoid it.

  • #Note: Consult a doctor in case you are unable to manage the health issues on your own.

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