Top 9 Natural Home Remedies To Cure Bloating

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Bloating is a condition in which your stomach is heavy and full. It is sometimes a serious problem as the gas that builds up in your small intestine. The abdominal area becomes swollen and you feel very heavy in case of bloating. It can also result in abdominal pain and farting throughout the day. Hence, it is not only important but also necessary to take precautions to cure bloating, so why not start with the natural home remedies which can solve all your problem.

Home Remedies To Cure Bloating

  1. Peppermint Tea: Drink it twice a day one in the morning and other in the evening, it will help you in getting rid of abdominal gas pain. It contains menthol which is used for smooth muscle movement and cures all gas related problem. Peppermint is also known as Pudina in hindi and it is easily available in the market.
  2. Ginger: Ginger in any form is good for abdomen as it contains many chemicals which can cure your indigestion. You must drink ginger tea daily or ginger with honey early in the morning to ease stomach abdominal issues.
  3. Cumin Seeds (Jeera): Caraway is known by different names such as fennel seeds, jeera, caraway seeds etc. Any form of abdominal gas present in your intestine can be cured by cumin seeds. You can always chew these seeds after a meal. You can also drink it like a tea or with a glass of hot water.
  4.  Turmeric Powder: Turmeric can help to cure gastrointestinal disorders as it contains curcumin. It helps to remove excess gas from stomach. You can take it with Jaggery to ease stomach disorder.
  5. Cinnamon: It is a spice which contains many health benefits and also used in making food (flavour material). In order to release gastric gas from the abdominal tract of intestine then you must drink Cinnamon tea daily which will help you to ease abdominal pain and remove gas.
  6. Lemon Water: Lemon contains acidic content and helps to break down food more effectively. If you take warm lemon water early in the morning helps to extract gas from the abdominal tract of intestine.
  7. Activated Charcoal: Activated charcoal tablets are available in the market which you can take and eat to cure bloating problem. These tablets can trap excess gas from the intestine and assist you in digestion.
  8. Asafoetida: It is available in supermarket and can be very helpful in removing gas from the stomach. Mix asafoetida with water and make a paste. Apply that paste over abdominal area and keep it for 15-20 minutes. Finally rinse it of with water. You will get rid of the bloating problem.
  9. Chew Food: The person who is suffering from bloating would surely not chew his food properly. Whenever you are eating food make sure you chew eat properly. The food should be digested properly so that it does stick with your intestine which will create more gastric issues in stomach.
  • #Note: Consult a doctor in case you are unable to manage the health issues on your own.

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