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Complete Case Study On Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness
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Are you aware of the fact that October is considered as National Breast Cancer Awareness month? To educate everyone about the problem of breast cancer we celebrate this month pride and owner across the world. Pink Ribbon is the symbol of breast cancer awareness.

Pink Ribbon Breast Awareness Symbol

Pink Ribbon is the symbol Breast Awareness

Today it’s time to provide you a complete case study on breast cancer awareness . Let’s start our discussion with a question.

What is breast cancer?

Cancer is defined as a disease which usually develop when body cells respond in an unrestrained manner. Breast cancer develops in lobules or ducts of the breast. These cells may cause tumors that can be identified through X-rays. These tumors need to be removed soonest. Otherwise, they may spread throughout the body. Earlier, it has been found that this cancer is diagnosed in the women of age above 40 years, but now the disease is affecting the minors also. This cancer usually develops when cell lining the lobules or ducts become abnormal in shape and size and start multiplying rapidly.

Case scenario of breast cancer

Mrs. Jones is a 55 years old postmenopausal woman who found to have a 3cm mass in left breast. Her surgeon could feel a 2cm non-fixed mass in her breast, the recommendation given to the patient was to precede surgery. Her surgeon discussed cons and prons of radiation and lumpectomy versus mastectomy. Mrs. John decided to have a mastectomy as she didn’t want to completely removal of breast. A 3cm lobular carcinoma was revealed with negative resection margins 1 mm. She doesn’t report about the pain in her low back in last 3 weeks. After a week, Mrs. John returns to review her investigation. Blood work of LFTs, CBC, Ur, Alk Phos and CA all are normal. Bone scan are negative as well as plain films of her lumbar spine.


  • Birth weight– it has been found that a greater birth weight may increase the chances of breast cancer. This is because a greater weight exposed to more maternal estrogen that may increase the chances of breast cancer.
  • The family history of breast cancer– breast cancer can also be spread due to genes passed from parents to children.
  • Alcohol– drinking a lot of alcohol may also increase the chances of breast cancer. This is because of alcohol cause higher level of estrogen.
  • Early menstruation– when menstruation starts at early age 11 or younger then it may cause breast cancer in future. Early menstruation leads to higher level of estrogen. This may increase the chances of breast cancer.


Early breast cancer may not show any symptom, but it can be examined after a short period. As cancer grows, symptoms that can be noticed are-

  • Fluid from nipple. Fluid can look like pus or can be bloody, green or yellow in color.
  • Breast lump that is hard but usually does not hard.Detection Of Breast Cancer
  • Change in shape and size of breast. For example, you may have redness in your breast.


Here are few tips that you can follow to reduce the risk of breast cancer-

  • Quit smoking– smoking is one of the reasons that causes breast cancer. So, if you want to reduce the chances of breast cancer, then you have to quit smoking.
  • Exercise regularly– physical inactivity may lead to increase the risk of breast cancer. You must exercise for at least 30 minutes regularly.
  • Reduce your body weight- excess body weight may become a reason for this deadly disease in the future. So why to take risk, cut down the oily and refined food from your diet to stay fit and healthy.
  • Medical checkup– medical checkup is a most important thing which should be done every month. This will help to detect all the harmful diseases which may lead to death.


The treatment of breast cancer depends upon the stage of cancer. The different types of breast cancer treatment are- Chemotherapy, surgery, bisphosphonates, surgery, etc. If it is an early stage, then the removal of the tumor can be done, but in the later stages, you must be prepared for the removal of breast. There are so many women around us who have fought breast cancer and lead a completely normal life. The medical science has now made it easier to treat breast cancer even before the symptoms start to appear.

Side effects

You may have to face some side effects after the treatment of breast cancer. This may include pain or swelling in breast and surrounded area. For this, an individual must consult his doctor immediately.

Alternative Names

Lobular carcinoma in sit, breast cancer, DCIS, LCIS, ER- positive breast cancer, carcinoma- ductal and Ductal carcinoma in situ.

There is no need to worry if you have examined some symptoms of breast cancer. There are so many women around you who are facing the same challenge, and the main thing is that the development in medical science has made so many impossible tasks possible. The breast cancer can also be easily cured with proper treatment.

  • #Note: Consult a doctor in case you are unable to manage the health issues on your own.

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