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Depression Symptoms, Causes,Treatments And Help Line Numbers

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Early Warning Signs Of Depression

Each and every year approximately 19.75% of world population is suffering from depression. Depression is a severe illness that affects day to day life of human being.

Sign Of Depression

Pic shows Warning Signs Of Depression

Life is a breathtaking journey if you enjoy it. There is a saying”  happening of anything, everything, and nothing depends on you and you only.” The way you are living your life may depend on person to person. You can see people in your surroundings and can predict various characteristics of them. Some you will observe will be jubilant, some might be crying. Few will be fighting on call. Some might be alone. But in this twenty-first century, no one has time for anyone. We might be sad, unhappy, happy, lonely but no one is there to care for us. I can say only one thing only your loyal dog will be there to support you. Because I was in a similar situation from a very long time. I thought of doing suicide, but God had some other plan. I was depressed, and no one was around me in my despair situation. So, today we are going to talk about a scorching topic all over globe Depression.

What is Depression?

Depression is mood disorders or mood swings. It’s a state of mental illness. It is an estimate that nearly 20 to 50 percent of the person’s around the globe from all age categories are suffering from depression. But the definition of depression is vague. I am going to list down several definitions which may vary from person to person.

  • A state of mind where you feel depressed, inferior, disturbed.
  • When you feel like banging your head against the wall.
  • You are over thinking.
  • Having negative thoughts inside your head all the time.
  • Feeling laziness, fatigue all the time
  • Egoistic nature all the time.
  • When you feel like doing suicide.
  • Lack of concentration on the things that were assigned to you.
  • Loss of appetite and sleep.
  • Short tempered behavior, Feeling of irritation all the time.
  • Lost interest in friends, activities that you love

All of the above-mentioned points can be considered as part of depression. You can consult your physician for any assistance.

Common Symptoms of depression

There are various common symptoms of depression which vary from person to person. Plus, according to experts depression is an inherited disorder, some call it as illness. It is medically proved that Women shows the much higher rate of depression as compared to men. I am going to list down the symptoms which are faced by each gender of society.

  1. Unhappiness, anxiety, or emptiness.
  2. Overwhelming hopelessness accompanied by sad feelings.
  3. Extreme sense of guilt, feelings of helplessness, with no sense of self-importance.
  4. Loss of energy, the slowing down of metabolism, plus activity levels. Being affected by constant fatigue.

    symptoms of depression

    Pic shows early symptoms of depression

  5. A feeling of helplessness along with an increasing failure to focus and lack of taking a decision.
  6. Loss of sound sleep plus the development of extreme insomnia.
  7. Inexplicable weight loss or putting on weight. Triggered by the loss of hunger or eating binges.
  8. Worried and attempting suicide.
  9. Depressed mood, Irritation, as well as restlessness.
  10. Bodily afflictions like headaches, digestive system disorders, and chronic discomfort for no particular cause.


What causes Depression?

Is there any biological reason which causes depression. As per medical research, the chemical imbalance in the Human brain which is the part of the central nervous system causes depression. In the center part of the brain is where the cells produce serotonin. Each cell has a connection with half a million other cells. This is where neurotransmitters come into the picture. When neurotransmitters get decreased in the body, it results in a reduction of serotonin which may cause depression in the human body.

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Treatment Of Depression

There are several ways to treat depression depends on the symptoms you have. But, it depends on person to person how he handles the pressure treatment therapy. So, Let’s discuss one by one which treatment therapy can be followed by the user’s who are suffering from it.

Psychological Treatment For Depression; In Psychological therapy the person who is suffering from depression will talk to a health specialist. It will be a one to one session where every aspect will be taken into consideration to treat the patient. There are several types of Psychological treatment therapy which can be taken into account.

  1. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  2. Interpersonal Therapy
  3. Narrative Therapy
  4. Counselling
  5. Self Awareness Based Therapy

Lifestyle Changes; You need to come out of your comfort zone of depression to comfort zone to treat it.Adopt  Daily routine like doing regular exercise,  eating nutritious food like carrot, apple, spinach, beets that will cure depression. Take proper nap and volunteer when it is required.

Physical Therapy; The leading physical therapy includes drug treatment which includes antidepressants, tranquilizers, etc. It also includes Electroconvulsive Therapy.

Dog Therapy; Now a days dogs are trained to provide love to the patients who are suffering from depression. Dogs are the most loyal animal, and this therapy is quite successful these days.

It was all about the treatment which we can give to the patients who are suffering from depression. Nearly 80 to 90 percent of the patients will suggest that these therapies usually help for long as well as short-term.

Free 24*7 Hotline Numbers To Cure Depression

#Note: I am going to list down few important numbers which can help you out in case you are suffering from depression.

Helpline Numbers Of Depression

The pic shows 24*7 Free Hotline Numbers.

If you have any emergency, you call these numbers which available all the time.

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Note- Please consult doctors after reading this blog for diagnosis and treatment.

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