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Morning Routine: What You Should Do Early In The Morning To Stay Fit

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Early Morning Routine is really important if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle and stay fit throughout your life. But, to maintain and continue such a lifestyle is not a cakewalk. There are many examples of CEO, Actors in front of you which you can read in your daily magazine and they will suggest you how you can stay fit and lead a sugar free life. However, there are two kinds of person in this world and that depends on a question that you should ask yourself “Are you a morning person or a night owl” once you figure out this question then life will be more easy as you will plan accordingly. This article is for those who follow morning routine and don’t know what they should do early in the morning to stay fit.

Early Morning Routine

The Early Birds Get’s The Worm

Here, you are early bird and the worm is your healthy life. If you wakeup early in the morning and do these following routines then you can change the perspective of your life and can do things which you have never thought of doing. These morning routines are different and depends on person to person which they can follow. Someone love’s to do workout early in the morning and on the other hand other’s want’s to do yoga or walking or meditation to stay fit.

What are morning routine exercises you can do to stay fit?

There are so many morning routine exercises that you can do and it depends on your daily routine how you can fit it into your own world of fitting machine. These routines are listed below.

  1. Early morning workout/exercise: Early morning exercise is really important to keep your body fit physically as well as mentally. There are several benefits of early morning exercise like, it will keep your metabolism activity working at a faster pace and burnt calories through out the day. Exercise increase the amount of hormone endorphins in the brain that keeps you active, feel better and most importantly it improves your mood which can be seen in your body language. The ealy morning gym is the best exercise that one can do to stay fit.There are some morning workouts which you can perform on a daily basis. Some of them includes strech, situps, squat, side plank. You can read this article for more details.
  2. Morning yoga routine: Have you ever got a chance to see and stay with a yoga guru. If not, then you must stay with them for a couple of days. You will notice that they are energetic throughout the day and the energy comes from early morning yoga. To begin yoga you must join a session from an experienced yoga guru and then you can practice on your own. This morning routine will keep you energetic throughout the day and will keep you fit. Surya Namaskar is a form of yoga that you must do early in the morning in front of sun, this yoga practice has several asans which will keep your body fit and is extremely beneficial. For more, if you want to learn the amazing benefits of yoga you can have a look on this article.
  3. Exhale spa: Spa is not only a healing therapy but it also helps you to a glowing sking. This is not a morning everyday routine but you must consider it once in a week. Spa therapy includes facial, massage,acu healing (acupuncture), scrubs, nail care, waxing etc.
  4. Best Morning Meditation Routine: Meditation is also a morning routine that you can follow to stay fit, healthy. The meditation helps to relax your body and keeps you focussed on your goal. This is an old routine followed from the time of buddha and still in practice. If you make habit of just 2 min meditation, on a  daily basis it will keep your concentration level to a very high level. You can read this article in which, I had previously discussed about the benefits of meditation.
  5. Early Morning Walk/ Cycling For 25 to 45 Minutes: Those people who cannot lift weights but still want to keep there body fit. Then early morning walking as well as cycling is a best way to keep there body in a toned shape. There are so many health benefits of early morning walk like, it controls blood pressure, reduce heart related problems, controls weight, improves blood sugar level and cholesterol level, prevents arthritis etc.

These morning routines will not only keep you active and energetic but will also make sure you lead a healthy and stay fit throught your life. Hence, you must follow one of the routines whichever are mentioned above.

  • #Note: Consult a doctor in case you are unable to manage the health issues on your own.

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