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What Are The Effects Of Alcohol On The Body

Alcohol Effects
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What is the second most popular drug in all over the world and why it is used in creating one of the top health concerns across the country, It’s Alcohol generally classified as a drug but the interesting part is it’s legal 馃檪

Alcohol is commonly known as liquor. It is composed of very volatile and flammable substance popularly known as ethanol with chemical composition C(6)H(6)O a colorless liquid. It is used in various forms such as antiseptic medicines to cure infections, used as a solvent in the case of nail polish remover and much more are there. But today we are going to talk about effects of alcohol and its addiction on the human body.

The effects of alcohol 聽on the body can be divided into types

Alcohol Effects

Pic shows man is drinking alcohol and it’s effect mentioned below

What are short-term side effects.

Those side effects which occur immediately after you drink 聽for relatively short period of future time. Let’s list down 聽symptoms that occur

  • Nausea & Vomiting; Nausea is a feeling of anxiety that usually comes before vomiting. Emesis is a popularly known medical term for vomiting. It is also known as throwing out or forceful ejection of the stomach contents out of the body.
  • Drowsiness; It’s feeling of sleepiness when you consume large quantity of alcohol. In western countries like America, Canada Alcoholic beverages is so famous that nearly 18% of college students use it as a sleep aid.
  • Dysarthria; Abusing someone after drinking is a form of slurred speech which in medical terms is known as dysarthria.
  • Diarrhea; It is a most common disease all over the world. 聽During diarrhea your digestive system works too fast which leads to less fluid absorbed by the body and too much left in the stools. When you consume large amount of alcohol the ethanol content inside it produces more acid and irritates your system.
  • Indigestion/upset stomach; It is very common in drinkers when they suffer from pain in stomach after consuming alcohol. Popularly known as聽Dyspersia.
  • Headaches; Is referred to as cephalalgia is an extreme pain in forehead.
  • Breathing Difficulty; You may suffer from symptoms like chest congestion, asthma, nasal blockage when you intake in large quantity.
  • Distorted Vision and Hearing; Heavy drinkers usually suffer from panic attacks as a result in blurry vision of their eyesight. 聽Hearing power is reduced.
  • Impaired Judgment; When an individual is not able to differentiate between right and wrong. He is not able to make good choices in its life it means that he is suffering from Impaired Judgment.
  • Decreased Perception;聽 Alcoholic beverages intoxication effects on visible perception. Alcohol can slow your reflexes, which can decrease the capability to react in difficult situations.
  • Anemia; When the amount of RBC reduces in your body it may result in anemia. Heavy drinking can cause the amount of oxygen carrying RBC to be usually low.

There are many other short term symptoms like Coma, Blackout, Prostration, Distention etc. The list goes on and never ends. The above listed symptoms are commonly seen in the human being.

Let’s discuss about some of the long term side effects on the body if you drink too much alcohol. Men and women both consume ethanol. But what is the ratio of drinking is it the same or different ?

As per medical science聽Men are recommended to drink no more than 3-4 units of alcohol per day and women are advised to drink no more than two to three units of alcohol per day. If i calculate mathematically one unit of alcohol is 8 grams or about 10 milliliters of pure alcohol. No matter how diluted it is.

Let’s look at the diagram so that it can be more clear how much units each

Alcohol Units

The number of units differ between drinks

If you drink more than the safe limits of alcohol is linked to number of different conditions which are classified as long term symptoms. Let’s list out major long term side effects which can occur due to excessive drinking.

How Brain Gets Affected

Excess alcohol can affect your brain and cause neurological disorder on the body of nervous system. As you know nervous system is made up of brain, spinal cord and nerves. There are numerous diseases which are linked to these. The major ones which is caused due to excessive intake of alcohol is epilepsy known as seizure disorder. It results in mental health problems such as depression.

Drinking excessively cause cancer

Long term intake of alcohol may result in cancer such as Mouth cancer, Larynx cancer, Oesophagus cancer and Pharynx cancer. Drinking in large amounts may also increase in risk of 聽in bowel cancer and breast cancer in women.

Effects of alcohol on the stomach

T一e effect 慰f alcohol 慰n t一e st慰mach 褨s extremely dangerous and results in imperfect digestion of food. Drinking excessively may produce more acid as it contains ethanol which results in peptic ulcer. Stomach ulcers are very common if you drink more than the recommended daily amount. It may also result in stomach cancer.

How Liver Get’s Affected

As you now liver is the largest organ in human skeletal system.It gives you stamina when it breaks down food in chumps but when you drink daily and continuously for a longer period of time then several alcoholic liver disease may occur such as Heptatic Cirrhosis which may damage your liver. It may also result in liver cancer. It also causes pancreatitis.

Effect Of Kidney On Alcohol

Kidneys lose elasticity and power of contraction. The minute structures in them go through fatty modification. Albumin from the blood easily 褉asses t一rough t一eir membranes. T一is results in the body losing its 褉ower as 褨f it was being run out 慰f blood gradually.

Heart Problem Occur

Consumption 慰f alcohol gre邪tly affects t一e heart. You also have a great risk of high blood pressure which can lead to stroke. Heart problems which are very common like coronary heart disease and heart starts beating irregularly are also linked to excessive drinking.

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So, finally i would conclude by suggesting few lines so that you can limit the intake of alcohol. You can take soft drinks in between when you are consuming alcohol. Always choose drinks with lower alcohol content. You can visit near by doctors or you can consult us for a free advice.


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