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Farting(flatulence): What Are Causes, Symptoms, Treatment And Remedy

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Farting is common problem in a day to day life of a human being. But, what exactly is the defination of the term fart? Farting is also known as passing wind or gas in stomach. Medically it is known as flatulence or flatus. It means passing of gas through the digestive tracts of abdomen and expelling it out of the back passage known as anus which comes out in the form of Fart Sounds. People including men and women fart every day as it is a common problem. In order to stay fit and healthy we need to discuss flatulence in detail about its causes, symptoms, treatment and remedies

#Note: On An Average Both Men And Women Fart/Poop 10 to 12 times per day.

It is an juvenile topic to discuss but flatulence is part of everyone’s day to day life. But, do you know it tells you about how healthy you are. Let’s discuss some of the health benefits of farting.

What are the health benefits of farting that probably you don’t know!!!

health benefits of farting

  1. It reduces bloating and keep you low weight throught the day. So, that you can eat more and fart less.
  2. It expels bacteria from the abdomen lying in the intestine.
  3. If your fart smells really bad than it is a sign that you should consult doctor. Please note that excessive gas inside aboden is a sign of colon caner.
  4. It may be a sign of embarrassment when someone notices it, but it gives you huge relief when you release it.

So, it has some health benefits but, we should know how it is caused and what are the symptoms related to it.

What Causes Farting (Flatulence)?

Every human being produces gas and everyone needs to pass it to get relief. The amount of gas that we pass per day depends on person to person. But, if we know the cause of it then it will help us to get rid of farting.

There are two sources of intestinal gas which is produced in the body.

  1. Swallowed air/ Exogenous gases: These are thoses gases which we swallow when we are eating, drinking, chewing and smoking. The more amount of air you swallow inside abdomen the more are the chances that you may suffer from gas problems or farting. The oxygen and nitrogen gas which you generally swallow gets intact with the digestive tract of intestine and cause flatulence.
  2. By Product Gases/ Endogenous gases: The gases which are produced inside stomach after eating food and indigested food which is not digested properly causes flatulence. These gases are produced in the gut of small intestine and while passing through large intestine it creates blooping effect and we fart. There are many foods which should be avoided which causes farting. Foods like beans, broccolli, oats, onions, cauliflower, raddish, sweet potatoe, lentils,dairy products and wheats cause farting.

What Are The Symptoms Of Farting?

There are conditions when you don’t swallow large amount of air and your diet is also under control but you still flatulate. There are several medical conditions which is causing such problems. Few of them are listed below.

  • Constipation:
  • Lactose Intolerance:
  • Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS or spastic colon
  • Celiac disease
  • Food Allergy
  • Indigestion of food

You must take care of these medical conditions and should take an advice from doctor in case you are are flatulating more.

What Are Treatment Methods And Remedies Of Farting(Flatulence)?

There are several treatment methodologies which one should adopt if he/she is farting excessively. But, if we know the underlyining cause and symptoms that we have discussed above then treatment is more effective. The few treatment methods that you should take are listed here.

  1. Eat Less And Chew More: As you know flatulence is a cause of indigestion. If you are suffering from it then you should eat in less quantity but at the same time you should chew more so that food can be digested properly.
  2. Avoid Foods That Cause Flatulence: Avoid eating foods which are difficult to digest and eat those foods which can be easily digested such as brown rice, yogurt, potato,grapes and banana.
  3. Eat Smaller Meals: There are several people who eat a small quantity of meal consist of 4 to 5 times a day. It has been noticed that these people flatulate less as compared to persons who eat one big meal 3 times a day. Hence, avoid eating large part of meal and divide them into periods which is most suitable for you.
  4. Avoid Eating Chewing Gum And Smoking: As already discussed if you swallow more air then you flatulete more. Hence, when you eat chewing gum and smoke you intake more quantity of air then usual that increase chances of farting.
  5. Exercise:  The more you exercise the more your digestive system will be healthy and less you will flatulete.

There are several natural remedies which can help you to avoid farting. You can watch this video which will guide you about the natural remedies that you can use in your day to day life.

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  • #Note: Consult a doctor in case you are unable to manage the health issues on your own.

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