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How To Get Cheaper Generic Equivalent Medicine

Generic Equivalent Of Medicine
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Why Do People Believe In Alternative Medicine?

Why there is a need of alternative medicine/ generic equivalent drugs when you have the branded tablets which are being sold in the market for the higher price. The simple answer to this question is cost. These days the cost of medicine is too high. So patients usually go for unbranded tablets of the same salt composition to reduce cost from their pocket. Matter of fact the demand for alternative medicine is increasing day by day.

Alternative Medicine

Pic showing the demand for alternative medicine growing day by day

Let’s Go Back In Medieval Times About Relationship

Treatment is a common word in the field of medical science. The medical practice varies from developing countries to developed countries. The way may be similar, but the techniques that used nowadays is different. If I go back in the past when Accidentally Alexander Fleming on 3 September 1928 discovered the first real antibiotic in the field of medical science, but as compared to 1928 we have moved in 21st Century where people are searching for the cure for cancer and HIV which is now a day curable. These things show us that how we are advancing in the field of medical science. But when we talk about a relationship regarding medical science only one thing which comes to our perception is the connection between a doctor and patient. It’s said that it forms one of the foundations of medical ethics.

What is Doctor-Patient Relationship?

Doctor and patient are closely connected to each other. According to medical science and healthcare, it’s an art where patients are carefully treated and diagnosed until it is cured. It’s a relationship like a mom giving birth to a newly born baby. The way she care’s her newly born the same way every doctor care’s his patients. Regarding medical definition, it is a practice of high-quality health care in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Let’s briefly describe what this relationship contains.

1. Medical Interaction: Patient meets the doctor
2. Patient’s medical history
3. Patients Medical Record
4. Medical Interview
5. Medical Examination
6. Basic Diagnosis for alleviation of disease
7. After Examination of Patient’s disease
8. Medical Tests
9. Medical Prescription
10. Follow-ups
So, all these procedures are must before you interact with a doctor. But as you know these days the cost of medical treatment is increasing day by day. It is said that the “Healthcare cost is faster than Inflation.”
Let’s take an example where I live. What I believe is true as per my knowledge.
I live in India, and there are less number Government Hospitals and some patients. It’s like one doctor is looking after 1000 patients these are current stats which is forcing patients to move to private health care.
Private Healthcare is not part of Government health care, and they charge double or triple the amount of medicines prescribed by private doctors to patients.

What Patients Can Do In This Case?

There is a saying “ Every little problem has a perfect solution“The solution here is you have to search for alternatives of Generic Equivalents for your Branded Medicine which is known as complementary and alternative medicine.
Let us suppose I went to the doctor, and he prescribed me all branded tablets which are very costly and i am not able to buy them. Then in this case pharmacist plays a significant role. There is saying that “ No Body Knows more about Chemical Composition of medications then pharmacist does.” He will give you the same salt composition as same as your branded tablets which are prescribed by your doctor will save you money.
Let’s make it clearer with an example:

I had loose motions, so I booked an appointment with a physician. He examined me and prescribed a particular set of medicines. Let us say he prescribed me “ METROQUIN O 500mg tablet which costs me around Rs 74.50 which has a common salt “OFLOXACIN.” Ofloxacin is used to treat bacterial infections in the urinary tract. So instead of it, you can use NOR METROGYL PLUS 500mg which will cost you just RS 32.85 which is very less as compared to the prescription which is prescribed by the doctor.

This is how you can save a lot of money. But doctors usually prefer branded medicines as compared to other unbranded drugs which you can get as prescribed by your chemist/pharmacist.

Generic Equivalent Medicine Search Engine Sites 

There are many sites which can be used by medical students, patients as well as doctors where you can learn about different chemical compositions of different brands of medicines available in the market.


Let’s look at this video in which doctor is describing is there any difference between brand name Medications and Generics? This video I have taken from Healthcare Triage. India’s Best Health Care Website, Will Assist You In Finding Very Cheap Generic Medicine From Medical Store And Will Deliver It To Doorstep Free Of Cost.

Let’s know a little bit more about Inguin.

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Infographic Shows How Alternative Medicine Can Be Ordered Online

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How did we get here? At a time when healthcare was seeking some technological attention because of highly fragmented system in India, where the western system had already started showing the effect of digitization in healthcare. Lack of satisfaction in the job and dream of systemized healthcare in India brought college friends together to take a start at some point. Therefore, the initial idea was to make a centralized server for EHR, where health-related data could easily be accessed using a unique ID, no matter where the user is. (The reason being that; user does not have access to EHR instead, they had to carry files of papers from one doctor to another). In addition, if it happened that you lose those papers, no one will have your medical record.
But before ending this topic, I would suggest you consult your doctor before going to any pharmacist or chemist to adequately treat and diagnose your disease.

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Note- Please consult doctors after reading this blog for diagnosis and treatment.

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