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Handwritten vs Digital Notes: Advantage,Disadvantage And Features Of Both

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In today’s world of advanced technology, digital notes have a practical use, though handwritten notes have a handful of advantages. In academics as well as business, taking digital notes is preferred because it helps in retaining information and storing it for future use. You can find digital notes apps with features that can make taking notes a quick and an easy process. We have pretty much stopped using ink pens, the type of stationery that was always used to improve handwriting and clarity in writing. Today, because every field is digitized, handwritten notes are long forgotten and serve no practical use in day-to-day tasks.

#Note: In short, if we think from future’s perspective digital notes are far superseded then handwritten notes . Hence, the war (handwritten vs digital notes) is won by digital notes but still we need to know about the features, advantages and disadvantages of taking notes in both the cases.

Features of handwritten notes and their use

  • You can organize your work easily.
  • They are not easy to erase or edit, but are still a functional way to note down smaller tasks.
  • Marketing and promotional events can use this style to make the event personalized.
  • Letter writing is passed, and only has a romantic and Victorian appeal to it.
  • Cognitive and conceptual abilities are developed when you write with hand.
  • Your brain is made to work faster than you write when you take down handwritten notes.
  • Information that you learn can seep in better when you opt for handwritten method.
  • This is because your brain is processing information and making you note down what is succinct.
  • It enhances your focus and makes it laser sharp, cutting down distractions.
  • Taking handwritten notes enhances your short-term as well as long-term memory.

Disadvantages of handwritten notes over which they are discarded

  • Making longer edits can be a strenuous and a time consuming task.
  • Handwritten notes are likely to fade away with time and weather conditions.
  • They need to be maintained and cannot be backed up without the use of technology.
  • If your handwriting is not legit, there will be no clarity about the information retained.
  • The information retained through handwritten notes must be done with physical objects, like books and papers, that can get damaged easily.
  • You cannot write down a bundle of information using this method.
  • It can be physically strenuous to write and process information that is plenty.
  • Grammatical and spelling errors cannot be checked and corrected easily.
  • You have to access handwritten notes physically only if they are in a good condition.
  • The scope of displaying information through handwritten notes is lesser compared to universe of internet and digital things, digital notes can have access to.
  • You need stationary that needs to be refilled regularly to write notes.
  • Taking notes depends on the physical stationary, which if stops working, your work is halted immediately.
  • Handwritten notes need not be neat and tidy.
handwritten vs digital notes

Which is better handwritten or digital notes?

Practical use of digital notes and reasons why they are preferred in today’s world

Devices and apps for taking digital notes are available that work on all types of operating systems. They are platform independent and a life saver.

  • You can take notes speedily and store large volumes of data in any type of compatible device.
  • Working across various platforms, online and offline becomes easy.
  • Integration with other devices and applications also makes digital note taking a preferred method.
  • In an environment where information is vital, digital notes vs handwritten notes are preferred.
  • You can also take handwritten notes digitally using this method using a digital pen.
  • Digitally taking notes makes your life easy.
  • Even if your handwriting is not good, you can create digital notes that are legit and clear.
  • Typos and grammatical errors are automatically corrected with this method.
  • You can take down notes in any language and translate them with the digital method.
  • Varied content like, text, videos, and mixed media can be added easily.
  • Mailing notes to any device or platform is done in split seconds when notes are digitized.
  • Seamless integration with various technologies for mailing, printing, scanning, and presentation is easy.
  • Saving digital notes in any readable format is possible.
  • A digital note can be opened in any type of a readable file.
  • Editing volumes of data is efficient and accurate taking notes digitally.
  • Information can be created dynamically and retained forever.
  • Using digital devices, notes can be stored in a variety of formats.

Thus, in short both have equal advantage and disadvantage but it depends on person to person which kind of notes he prefers to write as per his convenience.

Why Inguin Supports Digital Notes?

We prefer digital notes in our health Industry as we makes doctor’s task quite easy by maintaining their notes which is in the form of prescription of his patients and we store them in cloud. Thus, taking notes in a digital format is quite easy and affordable too 🙂

  • #Note: Consult a doctor in case you are unable to manage the health issues on your own.

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