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Six Things You Didn’t Know About Effect Of Mobile Phone On Your Healthy Life

Harmful effects of mobile phone on your health
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The one device which has drastically transformed the telecommunication service in 21st century is Mobile or Cell Phones. During recent years the use of mobile phone has increased drastically and parallely it has increased health effects. There are many short term and long term effect of using mobile phone on your health. In fact, the common term which is used now a days is “Nomophobia” it means the fear of not using your mobile phone. Many young persons are using android, apple, chinese mobile phones and cannot live without Facebook ,Whatsapp. The bottom line is there are many health effects which are associated with smartphones.

The Health Effects Of Mobile Phone On Our Life.

We all know that mobile phones and its towers emit electromagnetic radio frequency. The more exposure to these radiations changes the atomicity of cells in living organism and harm tissue. It can also harm genetic material in the body. Thus, in short it may cause change in the molecular structure of the body and affect human being in a long term. But, the amount of exposure to radio frequency also depends on many factors like the distance between you and your mobile device, the amount of time you are holding your mobile phone and the distance you are keeping from radio towers. These factors directly impact your health as these are directly affecting your whole cardiovascular system.

  • Carcinogenic: Apart from these affects, the mobile phone radiations are carcinogenic which means it can cause you cancer. The prolonged use of it causes cancer from the radiations they emit, it can cause brain cancer and tumors. But, still further research are going on as a part of this.
  • Get Infected With Microbes: Mobile phone get in touch with so many surface which can be filled with microbes such as bacteria, protozoa, virus etc. Hence, It makes your mobile dirty and full of germs which comes in contact with your body can cause several communicable diseases like fever, cough and cold etc. The only solution to this problem is to wash your hands and clean your mobile phone regularly. Always keep a small sized sanitiser in your pocket to keep yourself away from germs.
  • Sleep Disorder And Stress: It is a common problem among most of us and the recent study shows that it is caused by mobile phones that we keep by the side of pillow which disturbs us by Facebook notification and alarm clock vibration on mobile screen. Hence, it makes you busy with your mobile phone and keep yourself away from a sound sleep.
  • Disconnect From Real Life Friends: Today, most of us don’t have time to meet a person even if he is staying few miles away from your place the only reason to this problem is using mobile phones which disconnects you from all your friends and families. You don’t get time to call your friends but you simply text them on whatsapp. Thus, it keeps you away from real life friends and you make internet as your best friend which keeps you in contact with your real friends.
  • Eye Stress: These days you can see many young persons are wearing spectacles and the only reason is continuous use of mobile phone and computers. In fact these days you can do all the things in your mobile phone without using your computer. Hence, using too much mobile phones is directly proportional to stress you have in your eyes.

Thus, there are many harmful effects of mobile phone if you continuously use them for prolonged period. Hence, it is always advised to use mobile phones when it is necessary for you.

  • #Note: Consult a doctor in case you are unable to manage the health issues on your own.

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