How Long You Can Live If You Have A Lung Cancer?

How Long You Can Live of lung cancer
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Cancer is a high concern disease in today’s life. Cancer may occur in any part of the body. The human body is made up of cells, when this cell starts forming new cell tissues and crowd out the normal cell, this makes the body to work in an abnormal manner. There are various types of cancers. It is just not one disease. Cancer can affect the breast, the blood, the skin, the colon or even in the lungs. To stay upgraded about your diseases always do body check-up twice in a year.

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Lungs are one of the main organs in the respiratory system of our body. We use our lungs to breathe. A primary lung cancer starts in the cells of the lung. A bunch of cancerous cells can grow to destroy other fine tissues nearby. Lung cancer keeps the potential to cure but the chances decrease if it gets spreads to other organs or lymph node, however, it all depends on the type of lung cancer and the stage you discover it. How long you can live if you are having a lung cancer also depends on how well your body responds to the treatment.

  1. Stage 1: It is the primary stage where the cancer is small and moderate to the lung. Its’ treatment via surgery by removing the cancerous tumour or radiation therapy. Early diagnosed patients have the potential for cure and survival.
  2. Stage 2: Cancer may have spread to the local lymph nodes or has the cancerous tumour has grown bigger than it was in the primary stage and maybe not. Surgery or radiation therapy is not the only way to escape from this. It needs cameo therapy and other required multiple treatments. Survival cases are there for the patients in primary stage 1.
  3. Stage 3: cancer has already spread to the regional lymph nodes and may have grown in other organs of the body. Multiple treatments are necessary for removable of a tumour. By surgery which is no longer possible. Survival is worse than it was for stage 2 patients.
  4. Stage 4: The last stage, the cancerous tumour has already grown out of the reach. Cancer has spread to other organs of the body. The patients, in this case, is highly serious and typically do not have a chance or time for long time treatment to cure. Any patient discovers cancer in this stage will initially have to go through the advanced treatments. They have to undergo cameo therapy and can occasionally treat via radiation to match their symptoms. Have to forget the chance of long-time survival is in this last stage of lung cancer.

In short, there is no one who can answer the question of survival and lifespan are dependent upon various things such as how good the patient general health is, the performance status of the patient, the site of metastases and the nature of lung cancer. That said, every survival rate is determined on a case-by-case basis but how long one can survive having lung cancer depends on how early they have diagnosed it & how they are facing the problem.

  • #Note: Consult a doctor in case you are unable to manage the health issues on your own.

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