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Night Blindness/Nyctalopia Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Test And Prevention

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Is it impossible for you to see in low light? If yes, you are suffering from Nyctalopia also known as night blindness. It is one of the eye disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin A. It means that your eyesight is not healthy and needs to be tested by a doctor.

What is Nyctalopia and How It is caused?

Nyctalopia is an eye disease which is caused by lack of vitamin A and retinal detachment. Let us understand in more detail. The human eye is mainly comprised of Iris which is the colored part, and pupil automatically controls the amount of light entering the eye. The camera lens is known as Cornea. The eyes are the most sensitive organ in the human body also known as autofocus lens.

Anatomy of human eye

The focused light enters through the cornea and enters retina which is located near optic nerves at the back of the eye. The retina converts the focused light into electronic signals. The brain senses these signal which is in the form of visual recognition.

Nyctalopia is caused, when the cells near retina get damaged, it is not able to focus the light and is not able to send visual recognition signals to the brain. It is also known as retinal detachment. The clear picture visual brain by visual brain cortex which is responsible for processing the visual image in the brain.

In short, the causes of night blindness includes cataract in which the lens of the eye becomes opaque, nearsightedness during the day as well as night and vitamin deficiency.

What are symptoms of Nyctalopia?

There are many symptoms of nyctalopia which is mentioned below;

  • Blurred Vision/ Dry Eyes
  • Poor Vision in Dim Light
  • Difficult to maintain transition from dark light to bright light
  • Tired eyes as a result of watching television or reading continuously for a long time.

Their symptoms may occur at birth or occur later due to deficiency of vitamins.

Nyctalopia Prevention and Treatment

The best part of night blindness is that it is curable and can be treated based on what has caused your night blindness.

Blood Testing: The blood testing is used to measure the amount of glucose and vitamin A in your body. The less the content of vitamin A in your report the more are the chances that you may have night blindness in future. So, the intake of food rich in vitamin A such as sweet potato, carrot, pumpkin, spinach, milk, lettuce, fish etc. can cure nyctalopia.

Surgery: The nyctalopia cannot be treated if occur by birth which was also known as Usher syndrome. The only way to prevent it is by surgery by an ophthalmologist.

Optician: It can also be treated by optician if the severity of night blindness is less and can be dealt with by wearing spectacles. Depends on the type of glasses you wear.

Thus to treat it thoroughly you should refrain from driving in the night and should take necessary medication as well as precautions to keep your eye safe. Always consider hiring a driver if there is an emergency and you need to travel.

You can watch this short video about night blindness by Dr. Bali

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