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Parkinson’s disease – causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Parkinsons disease
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What is a Parkinson’s disease?

Parkinson’s disease is a nervous system disorder that affects the movement of the body. It sometimes starts with a tremor in just one hand and also causes slowing or stiffness of movement. In the early stage, your face shows no or little expression and your arms swing while walking. It also affects your speech and makes it slurred or soft. The symptoms seem to be worsened as your condition progresses. This disease can’t be cured but medications may help to improve your condition. In some cases, the doctor may suggest surgery to regulate certain regions of the brain.

Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

Here are some of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease-

  • Shaking or tremor– shaking of hand or legs is a most common symptom of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Loss of smell– if you are not able to smell food such as dill pickles, banana or any other then you may consult your doctor.
  • Trouble sleeping- in some cases, an individual may not be able to sleep well and want to move from one bed to another.
  • Constipation– an individual may also not able to move his bowels which can be an early sign of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Trouble in walking or moving– people may not able to walk properly and they also feel pain in their hips and shoulder. It becomes difficult for them to move body parts easily.

Causes of Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is usually caused by the deterioration of nerve cells in the brain. A healthy brain produces a vital brain chemical known as dopamine. Dopamine helps in the communication between the different areas of the brain. This communication helps in the balanced and smooth movement of the muscles. That is why, a lack of dopamine causes abnormally nerves functioning which results in abnormal functioning of body parts.

Treatment for Parkinson’s disease

This disease can’t be cured but can only be controlled with certain medicines. In some cases, surgery also advised by the doctor. The doctor may recommend you aerobic exercise and certain lifestyle changes that help to improve your condition. Here are some of the treatments for Parkinson’s disease described below-

  • Amantadine– the doctor may recommend this medication to provide short-term relief from the disease. It may also be given with some other medication to give you relief.
  • Deep brain stimulation– in this surgery, electrodes are implemented in certain part of the brain. These electrodes may send electrical pulses to the brain and reduce the disease.
  • Carbidopa-levodopa– it is the most effective medication which is passed to the brain and naturally converted into dopamine. Its side effects may include nausea.

How to prevent Parkinson’s disease?

According to some research, green tea may help to reduce the risk of this harmful disease. Try to include a glass of green tea in your diet if you really want to be at bay from this disease. Caffeine which is found in tea, cola and coffee also play a vital role in reducing the risk of Parkinson’s disease. Moreover, you can do aerobic exercise to keep your body and mind healthy.

Here is a video from The Doctors an Emmy award winning daytime talk show. In which the doctor has explained how this disease is affecting the body.

Copyright: The Doctors

  • #Note: Consult a doctor in case you are unable to manage the health issues on your own.

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