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Top 9 Proven Steps To Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking
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Quit Smoking As It Kills You

Have you ever wished to quit smoking but cannot manage to get your brain to join in? Smoking is an addiction; it is a disease, not a choice. It is not relevant to concepts like strength, will power, ethics, and morals. There are many people in the family as well as friends, loved ones who frequently say why you just can’t quit smoking, why you cannot make a choice to stop doing this. But we know from a scientific standpoint that is not a reasonable thing. So today, we are going to learn and show you how you can be a non-smoker lead a healthy life.

Smoking Kills

Pic shows burning cigarettes filled with nicotine. Quit Smoking as it Kills You

What percentage of the adult population are smokers according to the last poll done by the national agency? According to World Health Organization fact sheet, over six million people die each year because of smoking. That is why every year, on 31st May,  we celebrate world no tobacco day. But you won’t believe that nearly 80 percent of the cigarette smokers want to quit smoking.

But, the question is How? 

These 9 proven steps will make sure that you are going to quit smoking:

Step 1; Self-belief in yourself is the key to success. Cold Turkey is a way to quit smoking. I am going to mention few important points that you should consider in order to quit smoking.

  • Make a quitting contract application which should say like Today on this (date of quitting say 25th November 2016) day I am going to quit smoking. I agree that quitting smoking will make my family, my life healthy as before. Undersign it by your parents as well as your friends. So, that they can stop you whenever you feel like smoking a cigarette.
  • Maintain a diary to keep track of your quitting plan.
  • Throw all the tobacco stuff from your house to dustbin and lit a fire.
  • Tell your friends and family members to help and encourage you to quit smoking.

Step2; Adopt deming cycle methodology. It’s a cycle which consists of four stages, Plan, Do, Check and Act/Adopt.

  • Planning;It is the first step which you have to thought and organize your plan in such a way that you can quit smoking.
  • Do; Once you have planned it’s time to test yourself. Are able to achieve it.
  • Check; Maintain a diary as already told you in step 1 and re-analyze yourself again and again. Where you lack.
  • Act; Now you have decided I want to quit smoking and it’s time to take action based on the actions you have done.

Step3; Step1, 2 was about making notes and performing action. But, there are more things that you can try in order to lead a nicotine free life. Going public and interact with friends, family and loved ones who motivates you to quit smoking. The Study shows that if your friends don’t smoke then sixty percent chances are there that even you will hesitate to smoke in front of them.

Tip of the day; Make an effort to stay away from your close friends who are chain smokers. Sacrifice is the key to quit smoking 🙂

Step4; Are you in some trouble, anxious, tense, depressed and stressed out of life. Are these reasons make you angry and attract you towards smoking. Then, You need to share your problems whichever you are facing to your friends, family, loved ones and discuss it. Look inwards and ask yourself what can be the solution. Certainly, you will get an answer. Smoking when you are sad is not the solution my friend. It can only worse your situation. So, you need to think positive as every problem has its own solution.

Step5; So, you have decided to change your lifestyle without smoking. It’s time to join a fitness program and do some workouts. Physical exercise helps to de-stress the body which is a major trigger for cigarette smoking with many people. The scientist believes that a feel-good chemical known as Endorphin is released in Brain. So, when you perform workout endorphins gives a sensation of good feeling which will help you in quitting cigarette.

Giving up smoking is not suppose to become life ending; only life-changing for the better.

Step6; The use of Electronic Cigarette is increasing day by day. It was invented by Hon Lik a Chinese research pharmacist who quit smoking when his father died of lung cancer. It is actual design is similar to the real cigarette and looks like a pen or USB. It delivers nicotine to the smoker in e-liquid form. It prevents you from very harmful diseases such as lung cancer and other respiratory diseases.

If you want to use vapes which can really help to quit smoking you should read this below post.

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Step7; The best way to leave smoking is to train your conscious mind in Brain known as hypnotherapy to quit smoking. The conscious mind has four functions, but we are going to discuss only one. The will power is the most important function of the conscious mind. With will power sometimes you say I quit smoking, or I don’t smoke any more. Will power decides how long a person can continue his habit and within how much time it will return? So, In short, hypnotherapy is to train your brain in such a way that it curbs the effect of nicotine.

Step8; Acupuncture is a Chinese medical therapy is a very effective technique for treating the variety of addiction such as smoking. In this technique, a needle is inserted in your arm an acupuncture point is called “Tim Mee.” It is very helpful in quitting smoking.

Step9; Individual quit smoking counseling can help to curb smoking addiction and craving. They will give you a detail description about smoking, and it’s harmful effects on the body. Professionally they are known as quit coaches who are professionally trained and know how to handle these situations.

Smoking is a war between you and your life. It’s a battle that you have to win. It’s just a state of mind that you cannot quit but once you have decided, that I want to quit then you have to quit smoking because always remember

Smoking Kills

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