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Top Health Benefits Of Fasting That No One Knows !!!

myth and facts of fasting
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Do you love food? Can you stay without it? These questions are difficult to answer unless and until you know what is fasting and what are its health benefits. Fasting may be good or bad depends on the condition of the body. Today we are going to point out some major health benefits of fasting that you probably don’t know.

What is fasting?

Fasting means abstinence from some drink, food or both for a defined period. Dry fasting defined as abstinence from all liquids and foods usually a period of 24hours. Generally, this is done for religious reasons in which an individual abstinence from both drink and food. People also do fasting when god’s deliverance was needed. Fasting is really good for spiritual growth as well as for those who have serious health problems such as diabetes.

Why should we do fasting?

If you do not know the importance and power of fasting then see some of the important facts related to fasting-

  • Prayer and fasting both help to restore the love for your god and results in an intimate
  • Fasting helps to reveal your condition and results in transformed life.
  • Fasting was a discipline in both the new and Old Testament eras.
  • Fasting transforms the prayer into a personal and richer experience.
  • Prayer and fasting are the only disciplines that fulfill your requirements.

Health benefits of fasting

  • Fasting promotes longevity– this is one of the significant benefits of fasting. Recent studies have made it clear that the less we eat the longer we will live.
  • Fasting increases hunger- fasting for 12 to 24 hours would definitely improve your hunger. Fasting regulates the hormones so that an individual can experience the true hunger. It is not possible to regulate correct hormones without fasting.
  • Fasting improves eating patterns- fasting is really good for the people who suffer from eating disorders and for those who do not have a proper eating pattern due to work.
  • Fasting improves brain function– fasting improves brain function by boosting the production of a significant protein called BDNF. This protein helps to promote neural health as well as also protect you from harmful diseases.
  • Improves immune system– fasting improve the immune system because it regulates inflammatory conditions in the body, reduces free radical damage and prevents cancer cell formation. In nature, animals also focus on resting when they are ill so that they can fight off infections. We humans should also focus on fasting when we are ill instead of eating foods which are not needed.
  • Fasting clear the skin disorders- fasting helps to clear the skin and make you look more attractive. Fasting helps the body to focus on regenerative energies and clear off the toxins which cause skin disorders. It also helps in improving the function of other body parts such as kidney, liver, heart, etc.
  • Improves insulin sensitivity- this can only be possible when you will fast for a long number of hours. It will also increase the energy level by increasing the production of glucose.
  • Fasting promotes weight loss– when you will control yourself from eating foods for a number of hours then it will definitely lead to weight loss. This is because, when our body will not get the food then it leads to the burning of fat cells in the body. It will also help to increase the energy level in your body. Thatswhy, athletes started doing fasting to make their body fit.

You can watch this video which has explained what will happen to your body when you fast?

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  • #Note: Consult a doctor in case you are unable to manage the health issues on your own.

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