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Top Health Fitness Gadgets Of 2017 That You Should Buy

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Do you want to keep yourself fit? The answer would be Yes, but how? Joining a gym or doing jogging regularly will not only keep you in shape but, will also help you to be very active whole day. But, with coming electronic gadgets we tend to sit back at one place and grow fat without bothering how much calories we are consuming daily. When there is darker side of a thing then there is brighter side too. Why not, we can use some health fitness gadgets which not only makes our life easy but keep us updated daily about the calories we burnt daily and many more benefits in advance.

So, today let’s have a look on the top health fitness gadgets which can keep you updated about your daily to daily health record.

  1. Fitbit: Fitbit is an activity tracker device which tracks all your daily activities, monitors your sleep, will show you how many steps you travelled, how many calories you have burned, it will also show your heart rate and many more functionalities are there, it all depends on which Fitbit product are you going to opt and finally, it will turn you into an active human being.Fit Bit Track Your Daily Activity

There are many cases in which this product has saved many lives as it alerts them to unusual behaviour from their daily routine. For example, you can check these two links which shows how these women’s life was saved with this amazing product.

     2.Temp Traq: It is a smart, intelligent digital thermometer which continuously monitors body’s temperature and sends the data to the mobile device. It is also known as wireless baby thermometer as it sends reports every 24 hours of the day and alerts whether the child is having fever or not. The few listed features are given below:

  • Fever Alert
  • Monitor Baby’s Temperature 24hrs
  • Soft cozy material which let them sleeps
  • Monitor many baby childs on a single devicetemp traq control

To give you more insight on this device you can check here how actual parents have reacted after using this device.

It is very useful device for those parents who are out of station all the time and don’t have time to monitor their baby body temperature. It alerts them with mobile device that they baby child is ill and he/she needs a doctor immediately. Isn’t it cool device.

       3. Diet Sensor: It is a nutritional health app which will keep an eye on the amount of calorie that you are taking. A diet sensor scanner also known as Scio Molecular Scanner that can scan and analyse the food that you are taking and tells you what amount of calorie you will take and whether this food is healthy or not.

Diet Sensor Health App

The scanner is using optical technology which will give you a report on your health app and will alert you if you are eating unhealthy food. It protects you from diseases like diabetes, obesity and maintains your overall fitness.

Please find the link to know all the details about this technology.

       4. Muse headband: The technology which is used here will not only control your brain cells, but help you to calm your mind on any environment. That is why it is known as brain sensing headband. It has semuse headbandveral features which are mentioned below.

  • It will tell you about activities which your brain is performing while you are meditating.
  • It will improve your meditation practice as fast as possible.
  • It will help you to keep your brain active which in turn will reflect in your personality.
  • Meditation will help you to control, focus your mind, relax you and reduce your stress level.

If you want to experience this technology you can go to its site with the link given below:

Overall it will enhance your meditation experience to an unexpected level that you have never imagined.

     5. SteriPEN Ultra UV Water Purifier: Is there any way where you can find water is suitable to drink and it is free from all water borne bacteria’s, virus, protozoa etc. Does it make sure you will be free from all water borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid. The only solution to this problem is SteriPEN Ultra water purifier. It uses UV Technology that will detect and kill 99.99% of bacteria in less than 50 seconds. It will make sure you are drinking clean water.

Best water purifier

Few features which I can list out are:

  • It can detect purity of water in less than one minute, so you don’t have to wait for a long time.
  • It is rechargeable device and can be charged with a laptop using a usb cabel.
  • In order to purify your water you have to press the button, which will flash UV light and stir it until it stops burning.

You can look at the link below to the details about this product.

  • #Note: Consult a doctor in case you are unable to manage the health issues on your own.

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