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Travel Medical First Aid Health Kit Checklist

Inguin first aid kit
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Are you planning a trip with your family. Are you a solo driver who loves travelling around the world. If yes, then you must have planned well about your journey. But consider a situation in which a person who is travelling with you becomes ill and you don’t have any medical supplies at that point of time. Then what you will do ? Obviously you will search for a doctor,  but if you have travel medical first aid health kit you can avoid this situation for sometime.

What is travel medical first aid health kit ?

First aid is the medical help given to the person in case of any minor emergency before major emergency occurs. While travelling you need first aid kit in which you carry basic necessary medicines which can be used if you are suffering from any medical health problems.

While travelling we need a list of medicines which can be useful in case any minor emergency occurs. But for that you need to carry a medical first aid box that can be helpful to keep medicines.

Inguin first aid kit


The first aid medicines that you take depends on the journey you travel and the remoteness of the area. If you are already facing health problems but still want to travel then you must consult your doctor and based on the prescriptions given by him you can take those medicines you can travel and enjoy your journey.

The bottom line is that the medicines you take depends on the trip you will take and plan accordingly.

To give you a brief idea about which problems we can face while travelling and corresponding to that the list of medicines that you can take is given below. If you are uncertain about the medicines that you are going to take, you can always consult your doctor. Here is a checklist of medicines that you can carry in a first aid medical kit.

Primary First Aid Kit Contains

  • A manual for first aid procedure
  • Bandages ( atleast keep 20 bandages of different size and shapes). Gauze pads, elastic roll and triangular bandages.
  • Cotton balls and adhesive
  • Hand Sanitizer (Preferred dettol or lifebuoy)
  • Scissors, first aid tape and tweezers
  • Antiseptic Wipes
  • Thermometer
  • Torch also known as flashlight
  • Soap Dispenser / Soap
  • Eye Drops/ Eye Wash solution
  • Antiseptic Wipes
  • Non Latex Gloves or vinyl gloves
  • Oral Re-hydration Solution
  • Small Mirror
  • Small Pins
  • Blankets
  • Carry medicine and ointments prescribed by your doctor
  • Mosiquito sprays and repellant cream
  • Carry emergency contact numbers

Basic Medication Kit That You Should Carry While Travelling

  1. Vomiting: It is also known as motion sickness or travel sickness. It is most common when you travel in bus, sea, car etc. You should avoid eating more food while travelling and you can take sugar cane juice, taste lemon before getting into the trip. The best medicine which will avoid the feeling of sensation of vomiting is AVOMINE. You should take this medicine 15 minutes before your journey or you should consult your doctor to get better advice.
  2. Cough and Cold: The most common illness in the world is cold and cough. It has very common symptoms like sneezing, itchiness in throat, nasal congestion. You should carry warm water in an insulated bottle, in order to avoid itching carry toffee like vicks and strepsils. A warm blanket that can keep you warm. The cough syrup prescribed by doctor can come handy in such situation. Wear face mask in case you sneeze.
  3. Fever: You should take your own decision whether you want to travel in fever or not. If you have decided to travel than you must take necessary precautions like taking a medicine such as crocin and paracetamol. You must measure your body temperature regularly in case it goes high, you can call doctor from your emergency contact number mentioned above.
  4. Diarrhea: In case you are suffering from it you must take ORS (oral re-hydration solution). Loperamide & Ultra Carbon is used to decrease the symptoms of diarrhea while travelling and antibiotics like ofloxacin and ciprofloxacin can be very useful.
  5. Pain Relief : Many people suffer from symptoms like headache, aches, cramps and muscle pain. So, you must carry medicines like acetamenophen, aspirin, crocin, paracetamol, ibuprofen, Morphine ( Never take in high amount). Consult your doctor before taking any medicines mentioned here.

The above mentioned medication kit you must and should take to avoid any kind of emergency. You can watch this small video by raffles hospital which will give you a brief idea what you need to take while travelling.

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  • #Note: Consult a doctor in case you are unable to manage the health issues on your own.

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