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Top 4 Ways To Protect Your Eyes When Using A Computer

ways to protect eyes from computer
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Are you a computer guy who works day and night in front of a computer screen? If the answer to this question is Yes then you must start taking necessary precautions to protect your beautiful eyes. As we all know, frequent usage of computer is common for any job nowadays, but as a matter of fact do you know how bad the computer screen affects your eyes? We are so busy working for a better life that we forget to care about ourselves. Your computer screen can probably be the reason for your red eye, eye strain, blurred eye and eye twitching. Every computer users should get an eye exam done before they start working, I am not saying this but National Institute Of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is, it is according to the research of them. There are several ways by which your eyes can be protected from computer vision syndrome. You just need to manage some time from your busy life and schedule for a checkup.

Top 4 Ways To Protect Your Eyes

  1. Get a comprehensive eye test: To ignore computer vision problems a regular routine wise comprehensive eye exam can be one of the most vital thing for your eyes. Schedule to your nearer doctor if you haven’t done an eye exam in over a year. Tell your doctor everything during the examination about how often you work on your computer from home and at the office. Keep a measurement of how far your eyes are from the screen and show that to your doctor so that he can treat you accordingly.
  2. Blink more often: To get rid of eye dryness and irritation; blink. As it moistens your eyes while working on a computer blinking often is highly recommended. We keep staring at the screen blinking as half as we blink normally and also according to studies blinks that occurs during computer work is partial lid closures and not blinks. Since naturally, your mind won’t let you blink as much it required it is a concern for you to keep in mind and force your body to blink every five seconds, thus preventing from eye dryness.
  3. Adjust your computer and materials: Make sure your computer is located 5-6 inches below your eye level. To maintain the needed moisture level of your eyes always look down to the screen of your computer at an angle of 15-20 degree. By doing this your eyelid will cover most of your eyeball and keep your eyes healthy. You can strain your eyes while working if you use any paper or books. If you are reading them in a very lower angle possibility of eye fatigue increases as you need to focus on them in every glance. In order to prevent such problem ensure your material is not too low to refocus.
  4. Adjust screen brightness: Screen brightness should be adjusted depending only on the environment you are working. For a bright room use the bright screen and for low light environment use low brightness screen. Your eyes can detect if the screen brightness is not adjusted properly, you may feel irritation, eye strain. To prevent keep your brightness level as per the comfort of your eyes. Your computer or mobile screen should be enough bright in a room but not in a darkroom, always keep your lights ON till you’re working.
  • #Note: Consult a doctor in case you are unable to manage the health issues on your own.

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