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Facts About Stockholm Syndrome That You Should Know

Facts About Stockholm Syndrome
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Stockholm syndrome occurs when the hostage develops a strongly positive feeling towards his captivator. It was first reported in Stockholm, hence the name. There are four major components which act as a base for developing the syndrome.

  1. First and the foremost condition of Stockholm syndrome is when the hostage and the Captivator are total strangers before the captivation held that is when they have never been met before.
  2. The second condition is when the hostage refuses to cooperate with the police forces or with the rescue operation team who try to help them to rescue from their captivity.
  3. The third condition is when the hostage has a belief that the Captivator has some humanity in him and thus the hostage usually tends to have an admiration towards the captivator and believes him to be the saviour or imagines hi to be the personification of goodness.
  4. The fourth and the final condition is when the hostage and the captivator’s hold the same value.

Facts About Stockholm syndrome

In 1973 it was Nils Bejerot, a Swedish criminologist and psychiatrist who had coined the term The Norrmalmstorg Syndrome but this was famously known as Stockholm syndrome. Though Stockholm syndrome is defined by Frank Ochberg a psychiatrist. In 1973 Jan-Erik Olsson took four employees of the bank as hostage one of the largest banks in Stockholm, Sweden. He held them captive for six days in one of the banks torturing them with dynamite. But none of the hostages was ready to be against the captor rather they were in his favour and had helped him with money backing him fight the case

Causes of Stockholm syndrome

Stockholm syndrome happens when someone wants you to be under their control. This leads to a situation called trauma bonding.

Where the mind worships the Captivator with love and affection rather than hating him.


Stockholm syndrome is more traumatic than diagnostic. And hence the diagnostic conditions are very limited. Acute Stress too can be treated as a condition for Stockholm syndrome. A feeling of emotional bonding towards the Captivator is known only when the affected person or the patient speaks freely with his friends or his relatives who are trustworthy.

Cure of Stockholm syndrome

This is a psychological disorder hence no pills can effectively manage this. One needs to have a clear mind and focus why he needs to believe that the Captivator was not a saviour and he needs to be mentally strong enough to train his brain accordingly. One needs to seek the help of support from trusted people and share his situation to help him reduce the intensity of that “saviour image” in his mind. One needs to realise himself that a person would not keep him (the affected) in captive which is against human rights and is illegitimate.

 Legitimacy of the condition

Stockholm syndrome is considered a challenged illness, as there are no strong methods or very limited evidence to support a diagnosis to prove it due to which many law enforcement officers doubt about the legitimacy of the condition.

You can watch this video from Screen Junkies which gives you a perfect example of Stockholm Syndrome. In this video the character played by Emma Watson Bella from Beauty and The Beast movie, was she suffering from the mental condition of Stockholm Syndrome.

Copyright: Screen Junkies

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