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How Safe Are Condoms ? Why Condoms Are 99% Effective And Not 100%?

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There are so many questions you will have when you are doing sex for the first time with your partner. The questions like what necessary precautions should I take during sexual intercourse? Are we having a safe sex? Sex is a physical as well as emotional relationship and you must take necessary preventive measures before you are ready for it. But, what precautions should we take in order to have a safe sex. The only answer is CONDOMS. But, again are these condoms safe to use. Why condoms are 99% effective and not 100%. We are going to discuss everything in detail in a matter a time.

#Note: WHO has listed condoms as one of the essential medicines and safest medicine in the health systems. You can check the list mentioned here.

Safe Sex Vs Condoms

The term Sex is defined in different ways in different parts of the country. Overall it is healthy and natural activity in day to day life. It is something that each and every person enjoys but it also gives rise sexually transmitted infections like HIV and AIDS. Hence, we should always have safe sex by using condoms.  Condoms protects you from STI’s and prevents you from becoming dad or mom in short it avoids pregnancy.

Why Condoms Are 99% Effective?

If someone says that using condoms are 100% effective then it is not true. There always be a chance of STI or pregnancy but the risk involved will be less. Hence, you and your partner must use it properly before getting into any trouble. If you are following the instructions given in it then 99% percent you are on safer side but the 1% will cause trouble if you don’t know how to use them properly.

There are two types of condoms one is male condom and other is female condom. It is used as a barrier during sexual intercourse to prevent STI and Pregnanacy. They are made from latex, ployurethane and also from new material known as polyisoprene. The most common are latex condoms which are less expensive and easy to use. Condoms are very fragile material and act as a contraceptive pill which prevents birth control and also prevent from various sexually transmitted diseases like Human Immuno Virus (HIV), AIDS, Hepatitis B, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia Infection and Trich an infectious disease caused by parasites.

Condoms are safe or not?

How To Make Sure These Are Safe To Use !!!

How To Make Sure Condoms Are Best To Use?

If you have purchased condom from supermarket, medical shop then it does not mean that they are safe to use. There are some which have been kept in store from a long time and deteriorate as time passes. As condoms are very fragile we should not store it for a long time. But, how you will make sure that the condoms that you have purchased are safe to use.

The signs that you must follow before purchasing and using any condoms.

  1. Expiration Date: Once you purchase condom check for the expiry date if the expiry date has been passed then it is better to throw them and purchase a new fresh one from the store. Never use expired condoms as they are very fragile and breaks easily.
  2. Outside Packing: Always check the outside packing before using it. If any tear, rip is found on outside then it is a sign that condom is not good to use. You must also check the holes on the entire package. If air is coming out then it means that it is not properly packed and use different one which are properly packed from outside.
  3. Safety Bubble: The best way to check this is to keep your thumb above and index finger below the centre of condom. Check whether small amount of air is getting created or not. If the air cushion is getting created then the condom is fit to use. The air cushion is used to protect latex. But, if you don’t feel air and found that it is complete flat than you should avoid using it.
  4. Texture State: The condoms are lubricated and when you press the outer packing it should slip inside its packing. If it is not slipping then chances are it has been dried out.
  5. Softness: Once you have opened the packing then you must check whether it is soft or not. You must analyze everything with your fingertips. If you feel it is not soft then you must not use it. As these are very flexible, you must always use soft one and not the hard ones.
  6. Previously Used Condoms: You must never use used condoms. As already discussed if you use it then there may be chances that you can get infected with sexually transmitted diseases. It is unhealthy, harmful and unsafe. Hence, always remember to say a big NO against it.
  7. Odour Of Condom: You must always check the aroma of the condom once you open the sealed pack. If it is not good and unpleasent then you must avoid using it and should consider buying a new one.
  8. Extreme Tempertaure: It is always recommended not to store your condoms in extreme temperature. Avoid keeping it in pocket, wallet, car etc as these are hot places and would result in breaking of condoms. Always store in a cool and dry place.

After Using Condoms: Let us assume that you have followed all the above guidelines and purchased a brand new condom. Once you have done sexual intercourse with your partner then you must remove your condom by holding it at it’s base of penis to avoid spilling of sperm. You must go far away from your partner to avoid any chances of interacting male and female sperm. 

If a condom breaks or slips in between then you must call your health specialist doctor or any pharmacist. So, that he can guide you with contraceptive pills. Hence the point is condoms are safe to use but they are only 99% effective but not totally.

  • #Note: Consult a doctor in case you are unable to manage the health issues on your own.

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